A4 Head light upgrade


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Can anyone tell me if it's possible to upgrade the headlights from an A4 (1997)with separate indicator to the the facelifted version (one piece -crystal style) units. Are the bolts the same etc? And if Yes where can I get them at a reasonable price.



search for ajmackie`s posts- will tell you everything!

and...DO IT ASAP!! old style suck


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cheers mate! no regrets and no rust either!!
i got them off ebay, but my local breakers yard, cartransplants quoted £40+vat each, but didn't have any!
Think I paid about £120 off ebay but then you need to buy motors as the old ones don't fit, which is another £30. Also you need new connector for the light loom as the exisiting round connector doesn't fit!
Make sure you buy RHD ones! The first lot I bought and snipered Yaseen!! They were LHD but luckily got to send them back as the tabs had broke and been glued back on so wasn't a happy chappy, but got refund with no hassle! You can ascertain whether they are RHD via the part number and an audi catalogue CD, ETKA. Lost mine so don't know part numbers!
If they're brand new on ebay then definately check as might have been bought cheap from german ebay and then listed on here as they fail the MOT.

Bought an angle grinder for less than £10 from maplins. Took an evening to do, but didn't remove enough metal (you have to remove the metal lip right up to where it curves into the lip (leave the curved lip bit on - you'll undersand easier when you take your lights off.
So took me another 2 hours to redo to get them to fit right. painting piece of /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/swear.gif. just cover up everything you've cut with a few coats of primer, then 2 coats of top and laquer straight after putting last coat on.

It's worth the effort if you're DIY minded as there is a fair bit to do what with changing the connectors, grinding and painting.
But you can get the 2 piece projectors as some people have. These aren't OEM and some people say the quality isn't as good, which is logical really as valeo make the audi ones and are a big company.