A4 2.0T Special Edition ECU map recommendations please


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I've picked up an 06 A4 2.0T Quattro Special Edition (220ps) and was wondering if it's worth getting an ECU re-map as superchips/bluefin only add another 15-20 BHP.

(BTW, does anyone know why it can only be taken to 235-240 BHP, whereas the non-special edition can go up to 245-250BHP?)

Any thoughts/alternatives?


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Chip 'N' Spin just done mine, and it fly's

Andy D

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I just looked at star performance remaps (GIAC) they quote 245bhp for both the 200ps and the 220ps.

I have the same model as yourself, if you get any info feel free to drop me a line.



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hi mate! check out www.fr-rtuning.com in bradford, west yorkshire, they offer remaps and also the ST3 self tuning system


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should be looking at about 250/260 with a remap I would've thought. I thought the only difference on the Special Edition was the engine map, everything else is the same so just tweek the map a bit further....

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