A3 TDi S-Line - Second Year Service


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Had the aforetitled in for it's annual service - 2nd Year.

Really straight-forward and all boxes ticked green - yay !!

I know a few are interested in Servicing Costs, so here's the facts / figures:

Oil Change: £162.28
TD4: £109.92
Filterelem: £7.66
Screw: £2.39
Cleaner: £4.06
Oil: £38.25

Pollen Filter Change: £34.27
RPF: £18.00
Pollenfilt: £16.27

AirCon Service: £65.83
ACS: £46.14
Anti Bac Cleaner: £10.21
Refriger: £9.48

Brake Fluid Change: £49.17
BFC: £41.53
Brake Fluid: £7.64

VAT: £62.31

Total (Including VAT): £373.86

Garage said the car would be ready by 1300 hours, although it was actually ready at 1400 hours.
They were very good about it and I wasn't in any particular rush, so they knocked some money off the bill.
Can't remember the amount - it was either £50 or £100 as a goodwill gesture - very kind indeed.
Final Invoice Totals as shown above - presume the amount was taken off TD4 which must be some sort of labour cost maybe.


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The brake fluid should be changed at 3 years then every 2 years so not sure why they carried out the fluid change. Mine also had the fuel filter and air filter changed but that may be mileage rather than time dependent.


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that is one expensive oil change! Yikes. I paid $89 here in the USA for my TDI