A3 MK1 Suspension/Shock issue.


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Hi People,

Apparently my A3 (Mk1/8L) the suspension/shocks are going :(

I have a friend who can fit parts for fair rates but how much are the parts going to cost me?

If it's too much I'm thinking maybe it wont be worth doing as the car is quite old already (1999). I've just shelled out on new alloys (19's) but haven't fitted them yet, wondering if I should sell them to fund the work to be done or yeah upgrade :wacko:

Anyone got any idea on pricing for parts to sort the suspension?

Thanks in advance


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i find it amusing when people think a '99 is old!

You can buy a basic lowering kit with shocks and springs for around £250, and this is likely the cheapest way to go to fix the problem.


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Depends on the condition of the car other than the suspension really...
If it were me and the car was all good except the suspension and i wasnt thinking about changing cars any way, i would keep the car slap some springs and shocks on it as suggested above and problem solved, you have a great car again :-D


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I love the car and had the cam belt done and a big service only 6 months ago so I think generally its ok, still drives nice excpet the suspension being a bit rickety.

I know 1999 isn't old old, but the prices of some newer cars are so cheap that I wouldn't want to invest more in this car to the point that it made it more expensive to fix this again rather then shell out a little more for a newer model etc.

I love this car, like a brother lol. Pre this I only ever had old banger so for me the A3 is the best thing since sliced bread! The only car I've ever driven and preferred was an R8 (not surprising eh lol)

Cheers for the replies though, 250 is a price that makes it worth doing. For some reason i had a scary feeling it was gonna be in the 500-600 territory. Are there any specific brands to go for/avoid?

Also any direction to a seller of decent kit as good prices ?


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i have JOM coilovers couldnt recommend them enough :)


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Thanks for the info guys, the JOM coilover kit sounds like just what I'm after.

So to clarify that kit would include shocks and springs x2. But in the image I only see two? Wouldn't I require 4 four?

This kit on ebay seems amazing value at 163 pounds delivered:

Audi A3 96-2003 JOM Coilover Kit 741001 on eBay (end time 09-Dec-10 15:15:26 GMT)

If im changing my socks and springs should I do bushes too while i'm at it?

Thanks for the info and guidance, bit ignorant with this side of things (but learning! slowsly...) lol

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Ah thanks for the link Damian.

Is that going to fit a Audi mk1 8L 99 plater though? I did see that listing on ebay but no mention of Audi a3 fitment so I thought it wouldn't fit?


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i have that very same kit on mine mary. fits perfectly on the a3 8L.


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Ah thanks guys.

Would you change the bushes while you were at it? As I understand there all related to ride quality?