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A3 engine not turning over

gray_fox627 Aug 13, 2019

  1. gray_fox627

    gray_fox627 Registered User

    Last night I did 200 mile drive without any problems. This morning got into the car and it wasn't turning over. The lights and radio work, but noticed my dash cam isn't switching on and the wipers aren't working.

    RAC checked everything. Battery is fine, no blown fuses, he noticed the on-board computer wasn’t switching on at all. When he jolted the car to tow it, the car came to life. Seems like there’s a loose connection somewhere, and when he was moving the car around it seemed to have done something. Started the engine again and it was all okay, really strange.

    Any ideas what the issue could be? it's in the garage, but they're saying it could be the control board that's the issue.

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