A3 1.8tfsi cranks but wont start


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my a3 wont start, last time i drove it it stopped and didnt started again.
after a couple days i bought a Vagcom and did a scan, got a lot of codes, most of them caused by a low battery
now i bought another battery and it still doesnt start, just cranks but doesnt start.
made another scan and just got this:
  • 01206 - Signal for Duration of Ignition Off Time
  • 008 - Implausible Signal
  • Freeze Frame:
  • Fault Status: 01101000
  • Fault Priority: 3
  • Fault Frequency: 1
  • Reset counter: 120
  • Mileage: 156488 km
  • Time Indication: 0
  • Date: 2020.06.03
  • Time: 18:24:09
i replaced the ignition switch bc rosstech wiki said that it could be the problem, replaced it today and she same as last time, just cranks but it wont start. (epc stays on)
im frustrated, i live in a small city and here theres no mechanic that can fix my car, they refuse to work on it

my battery got flat again, at 11.6v im recharging it again to try tomorrow.


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Go back to basics;
Check for a spark by removing a plug, earthing it on block (or use spark tester tool) and crank engine.
Check the plugs to see if they're wet (from fuel getting into cylinder).

I personally would ignore that error code- read this post ...https://www.ttforum.co.uk/forum/vie...sid=85a7f0a59f79986de9bcfdf9a4e88a07&start=15

Make sure your battery is fully charged and is holding a charge (min 12.5V with ignition off) as modern electronics really don't like low voltages - causes all sorts of weird issues.