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A2 2005 A frame Towing Dolly

siral Jun 6, 2019

  1. siral

    siral New Member

    Hi i have a A2 i have just bought but need to collect normally i would use a car trailer but i have not get access to it and the purchase of the car was for my camper van to tow behind it and use when i need a car.
    I normally use a A frame tow dolly for this and used it sucessfully for years with the old car, but the new one i have just got i do not know if it will fit on to it, i need to collect the car myself and it is 400 miles away from my house. Has anyone used this type of frame on an A2. I remember trying to use it on a4 years ago and ran into some problems. The type i have is the one with the chains over the the wishbones.
    So if any one can help thanks very much

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