6 days to go .... excited MUCH!


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You My new family member is at my dealership.
She's off having some paintwork done as I managed to get the dealer to do a lot of quick mods for me as part of my deal.
- paint my OEM Wheels gloss black
- replace white wing mirror covers for gloss black
- paint the front splitter gloss black
- swap chrome badges for black gloss (keeping chrome in case I don't like it and can switch back).

She'll hopefully look a lot like this when I go to pick her up on Friday!
Next week is gonna DRAGGGGG!

Having LOVED my 2013 2ltr BE I'm looking forward to seeing just what the 3ltr Quattro S Tronic version is capable of. :)


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I hope you enjoy your new Audi mate, if it looks like that picture then you are very lucky.