how do i remove the instrument cluster?


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Apr 28, 2008
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Hi im new to A3 ownership so please excuse the dumb questions!

I need to remove the instrument cluster in my 1998 1.8T A3 - does any one know how these come out?

Also does anyone know if the early cars run individual bulbs for warning lights etc? As i think the previous owner has removed the ABS warning light bulb due to a damaged sensor causing it to come on

Any help would be great!

Adjust the steering wheel down and out as far as it will go.
Just under the dash panel is a "U" shaped plastic cover. Remove this by pulling it towards you. You should now see two screws.
Undo the screws to remove the panel.
You may need to cut a couple of cable ties as the looms vary in length.

However, as far as I know the dash lights are LEDs.........can't be sure on that though.
so can the bulbs be individually replaced or removed???

I know the illumination for the dials are LEDs. Don't know about the individual symbols. They are usually pretty reliable except for the DIS display.

You'll just have to get involved and take a look.
They are individual LEDs and are very tiny and would need expert precision soldering to remove, check for black tape on the back of the dials, he could have covered up the light 'window' from behind.