Saloon wheels on Hatchback/Sportback

Gordon Stewart

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Jul 29, 2016
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Hi guys, my son was looking fo another set of standard 18” S Line wheels for his car he has just bought as his has some kerbing, has anyone put the standard SLine saloon wheels on a Hatchback and if so do you have any photos , many thanks

sorry don’t have any photos but the only main difference between OEM Hatchback and Saloon wheels is that Saloon wheels are 0.5inch wider.
hatchback wheels are 7.5J and saloon wheels are 8J.
However most 8V Hatchback with aftermarket wheels on the road are 8.5J, and some are also running 8J. So putting OEM 8V Saloon (not RS3) wheels will be absolutely no issue.
If you are looking at aftermarket wheels from a 8V Saloon then you need to check ET or offset value also.