A7-2012 S-line with some problems


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Sep 11, 2022
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Hello from Dubai .just bought a second hand 2012 -A7 s-line with 140K Km millage which not being driven for last 2 years . The engine and the gearbox is in good shape but I have some issues with MMI and navigation
1-Navigation and maps are not appear: no map and navigation data comes systems..it says it is being installed but noting appers
2-No volume on the MMI- Sound button working for closing and opening but no sound come out as it is on mute
3-Reverse camare view not comes to the screen...park assist just shows the views with sensor but nothing comes from the reverse camera as it not exist but there is reverse camera in trunk handle
4-trunk is opening when I press the ignition button...first I thought something is accidently pressing the button on the key but it seems something trigger opening as I turn the car on
I hope i can find quick fixes to some of them before i go to a car electrician and pay a huge money?
thanks in advance