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Apr 7, 2017
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Got a few parts that I no longer need so wondered if there was any interest on here.

Genuine Audi Carbon Fibre Mirror Covers B9 (without Lane Assist Cutout) these are brand new in box, found them in the garage the other day, I bought them for my previous S5 but never got round to fitting and my new one has Lane assist so these aren’t compatible. Believe these will fit A4/A5 and S4/S5 and RS too. Looking for £200. SOLD

ECS Paddle Shift Extensions for B9 Models (A4/S4 A5/S5), actually got two sets of these from ECS in America took over a month to come but they are great quality. I’ve just opted for the matte ones instead, brand new in box installed via 3M double sided tape. Looking for £50 due to getting stung with import fees and international postage costs.

Audi RS5 Aluminium Race Inlays previously fitted to my car but now upgraded to carbon so no longer required, great condition overall (only shows a few faint marks on passenger door trim when a light is shined). Few clips are broken on the a/c and headlight switch but doesn’t effect fitment due to the screws which hold these in too. Previously fitted to my car and I can confirm there was no rattles or anything feeling loose. Prices seem to vary wildly online, I know Audi charge in excess of £900 for this trim (not expecting anywhere near that), but I’m open to sensible offers.

Any questions or further pictures required let me know or drop us a PM :)

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Wing Mirror Covers now Sold
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