2020/2021 Facelift A5 sportsback any issues?


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Oct 16, 2019
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West london
Hi. Just a query.any one running the latest a5 sportsback.im wondering if the same niggling issues are apparent on this facelift model.
Like. Water pouring into the boot when tailgate lifts .rattling sounds from rear...sloshing water sound from rear ie water in sills collecting...be good to know if audi addressed theses iasues
Hi, having had a 2018 sportback S-Line and now a facelift 2020 sportback S-Line (both factory fresh) I've never experienced rattling sounds anywhere inside our outside the cars, or sloshing water trapped anywhere.

With regards to water pouring into the boot, very light splashing if it is heavily raining and the boot opens. The water tips backwards as the boot lid opens and the odd bit on the boot ledge drops into the gutters of the main body of the car either side, with the odd light splash.

If you are experiencing the problems you mention, I would have them addressed under warranty.
Like. Water pouring into the boot when tailgate lifts .
lol I know exactly what you mean there...along with the other annoying feature! Yesterday I opened my car and sat on the driver's seat with my legs out of the car...then the rain poured off the roof and right down onto my little fella area, so it looked like I'd wet myself :blink: Stupid design.
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