For Sale 19inch Bola B8r staggered with tyres


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Jan 24, 2017
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As per the title, having recently purchased the car in the thread below and not being a fan of the wheels I'm looking to sell/swap/deal for something else.

Wheels are 8.5 fronts and 9.5 rears, no rubbing on the car and I'm lowered on H&R springs. Wheels are like new with no damage as are the decent Falken tyres.

I'm looking for Anthracite coloured RS4/Le Mans in 18 or 19, 19 Speedline splits 8.5 or 9J or possible cash as I have spare wheels - this is no cheap wheel and tyre package so I would price them at £800.

Location is Swindon in Wiltshire - message here or 07843272261
No longer looking for a PX in wheels - post lock down price reduction to 700 ono, these are off the car, come with wheel bolts and locking bolts and 57.1mm spigot rings.