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Jan 2, 2004
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Is it possible to disable the passenger side airbag??
My Baby is sick of sitting in the back of my car and not being able to see where i am going!!
I have spoken to Audi and my model is Pre-key to disable and they would like £50 to disable and ANOTHER £50 to re-activate when she is old enough not to need a seat.
I was thinking more like £20 would be more reasonable for a job which i am sure would only take 2 mins with the correct equipment!!
With something like the air bag I would't attempt to mess about with it or try to go elsewhere to get a cheaper price. The dealer will know what they are doing so personally I would stump up the £50. Or you could always buy a roof rack and put her on that-she will have a good view from there!!!
A lot of companies refuse to disable the airbag, because they cannot promise that the airbag is definitely disabled. I imagine it's more to do with covering themselves legally if they said they'd disabled it and it did go off for any reason.
Also, I imagine getting airbags disabled affects insurance, as less protection could mean more legal costs in the event of injuries? It'd be worth calling your insurer to check.
I was in the same position and asked Audi about the cost of deactivating the passenger air bag as my dealer was quoting me £36 (half hours labour). They told me it is up to the individual dealer how much they charge and some may charge for a full hour!
All that they need to do is plug their diagnostic computer in and reprogramme the ECU to do this.
I hadn't thought about the insurance implications for an adult in the passenger seat with the air bag deactivated though.
I'd help you out as I've got VAG-COM which should be able to reprogramme it, but I'm on the south coast. You might be able to get it done if you go to a club day and ask around if anyone got VAG-COM.
Thanks for the offer HTC.
Ill keep my ear to the ground for A club day meet up in the North West.
???!!!???ANYONE ????!!???

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