Audi 8P S3 For Sale


Finding Reverse
Nov 5, 2006
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The company I work for is small and growing rapidly, there is a big drive to cut costs and we had some unexpected redundancies announced today. I'm not expecting to be affected but I'd like to reduce some risk by increasing the amount of cash in the bank, especially as we are completing on a new house imminently.

The Audi paid for so that seems like the best candidate to take 10k out of and trade down to a sub 20k motor. So this is the spec, I'm not definte yet but if there is any interest around 26.5-27k then lets talk.

Late Jan 2007 S3 in Sprint Blue
Electric lumbar
Rear load through
Piano Black inserts
Light/Rain sensors
Flat bottomed multi function steering wheel

It's done 2200 miles and obviously immaculate.
Sorry to hear that mate... But hey it's only a car... There are more important things in life!

It's all too common these days, bad news all round.
Good luck with the job and the car sale.
Shame you having to get rid of the S3 mate, I noticed you're from Wrexham. About 3/4 months ago I saw a Sprint Blue S3 in the car park outside Boots & Pets at Home in Wxm on a Saturday. It was around the time I couldnt decide what to change my current 8L S3 for. I saw that one and it made my mind up, plus its the only one I've seen in the area. Could that have been you sat there I wonder ?
Nope wasn't me, not been "home" in quite some time.

Thanks for the comments guys, job looks safe anyhow thankfully. Add stands, if there is interest, not going to stick it on Autotrader or such.