A1 2019 Worth getting?


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Jul 23, 2019
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Greetings everyone. I'm planning to upgrade my current car (Citroen C1 2012) and I decided to get the A1 2019 model but I am not 100% sure yet. I have some questions before I'm 100%

1.) Is the S-Line worth getting? What is the difference between the normal model and the s line? I only see that the wheels are different? is that it? what about the appearance? it looks the same online. (I haven't physically seen the car yet)

2.) Manual or Auto? Why is the manual faster than auto? Online it says the manual can do
Acceleration 0-62 mph in 7.7 Seconds and auto 9.4. My Citroen is a manual but I am happy to go auto but is the extra £ worth it?

3.) Petrol or Diesel? I want the best MPG and I dont really drive over 10k year so I guess petrol is the best option?

4.) What are the must have techs? what are the default techs? I checked online and every page i see are different i thought some of the techs like sat nav and Bluetooth are automatically included? I really want the wireless charging and bluetooth so I can hook up spotify on my phone.

5.) A3? I know it's more expensive but is there any reason why I should get the A3 instead? (Just curious im not getting the A3 though)

6.) Im using this car for work mostly and the bits and bobs. I do drive on the motorway now and then but thats pretty much it. So thats another reason why I shouldn't get the A3 I guess?

Sorry for asking alot of dumb questions, I just want to make sure I understand the needs I need to know lol. I am clueless haha. If I miss anything important that I should know please tell me. Thanks everyone!!! :wub:
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The acceleration figures you quote are for two different engines. The auto is marginally faster than the manual given the same engine output.

If you find a diesel 2019 A1 could you let me know please.
My wife has the Audi A1 35TFSI Style Edition, it's the S-Tronic and have to say fuel economy figures from the 1.5 Petrol are so far quite impressive.

Although there has been a lot of reports of issues with 1.5 TFSI, but I've not experienced it.

Currently there is no diesel version of new A1.
According to my dealer model year 2020 A1's aren't available to order at the moment.
The Audi 2019 A1 has in my opinion the best looking dash interior layout with the MMI screen in built instead of a ipad looking screen sticking out of a dash.

Combined with the virtual cockpit it looks better than the rs3-rs4 interior.

Apart from this the car is basically another german car i.e vw polo

Engine choice 35 tfsi or the 40 tfsi if your after power. The S-line gives you a nice sporty side sills,
, s-line logos when opening doors, s-line badge on steering wheel.

think the seats are better too. lovely silver trim on dash. not sure if thier is s-line only. but the silver trim sets off the dash very good.