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Apr 7, 2013
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hi all

Has anyone with a b8/b8.5 s4 removed their front resonators? Mine are rattling and doing my head in, and a solution could be getting a straight through section to replace the front resonators. Would the increase in noise be significant and should I expect some annoying motorway drone?

Cheers in advance

Mine are doing the exact same noise. I'm looking at the moment for some, scorpian do a pair for £369 but are resonated
Could I ask what type of noise you are suffering with . One side of my exhaust sounds like it's resting on the chassis some where, and it resonates through the cabin at around 2000 revs. I've checked underneath and it looks okay.
Brad .
It rattles when I slow down and hits 1000rpm. Quite a loud metal noise. Definitely down pipe, it sounds internal, all brackets checked and nothing touching
Common problem this. Mine had just started to leak as well at both flexi's. Had them replaced today with the remus downpipes. I already have no back boxes and just a silenced x pipe so it was quite loud but it has made it a bit louder now as the remus is straight through. No vibration or rattles at all now.

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Do this fit to the oem exhaust?
According to the instructions yes. However the bore size on the remus is bigger than the oe, it looks about 2.5". I took it to an exhaust shop to get fitted, least have all the necessary connectors that may have been needed.

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I was thinking about doing them myself. Need to sort it out soon that noise is doing my head in.
I was thinking about doing them myself. Need to sort it out soon that noise is doing my head in.
You can m8, I just could not be bothered with the hassle. Plus the rest of my system was made by the company I took the downpipes to. If you are going for these remus pipes you are going to need some way of either reducing the bore down to the oe size or stepping up the oe to match the remus, this would be the same with scorpion ones which are 2.5" as well.

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