Camber adjustment confusion 2010 A3 Sportback


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Mar 3, 2012
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I had a blowout recently because my OSF tire had worn on the inside. I took it to a tyre fitter to get two new tyres put on the front and it was them who notice the wear on the inside on on the OSF.
They decided to do an alignment check and this showed that the camber on the NSF was off buy quite some margin.
I'm not sure how this could affect the OSF tyre (the one with the issue) but they believe it could.

The fitters told me that they can do the alignment on the tyres (which were a little off) but they couldn't do anything about the camber and I would need to take it to a garage.
I booked the car in at Swindon Audi and it was due to go in tomorrow but the technician rang me up today and said that the tyre fitters should have either fixed it themselves or their machine should have indicated the exact cause of the problem or what needs adjusting but neither of these were done.

I've just spent £85 getting the alignment done on my car and now Audi are telling me that the only way they can tell what the problem is, is by doing an alignment themselves so they can find out from the machine what needs adjusting. This would cost £120.

I don't mind paying Audi for this but I feel like the first garage have done me over because they didn't tell me that another alignment would need to be done in order to find the camber issue. I'm not faced with a total of £200 before I've even had the issue fixed or adjusted and that doesn't include Audi labour rates.

What are your thoughts on this? Should the fitters have fixed it or told me where the issue is? Does the A3 have any kind of camber adjustment built in?
Camber being out can have some strange effects on a car, when the camber is out, the car doesn't "track" correctly (I know you already know this, bare with me), as you're driving and holding the car straight, you can literally end up with uneven wear in all kinds of places, you could even notice inner or outer edge wear on the rear tyres, just from one front tyre being out of line.

I don't know what the garage have done for £85 but a proper garage with a full Hunter alignment kit would have done the full alignment and camber adjustment to get it all spot on for that price. My local for example does it for about £70

If the fitters were unable to do the complete adjustment they should have left it, and it would have been down to you to go to somewhere that would do it properly while your brand new tyres are still fresh
On the front you can only adjust the Toe angle.
On the rear you can adjust camber and toe.

The fronts can be adjusted if you have adjustable top mounts which come on some coilovers.