Is it possible to "upgrade" a 3.0 diesel from 218ps to 272ps?


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Jul 9, 2017
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I'm considering getting an all road with the new 3.0 diesel engine. It looks like the 218ps and the 272ps are the same engine (with reports that the parts in both configurations are identical), and the only differences are in software.

I really want to buy a 272, but on the second hard market I can't find a car with the combination of toys I want, and so it looks like I'll either have to wait or pick up the 218 I've found.

So, I've been researching mapping and chipping, and I'm confused. It seems there are some quite expensive products on the market to do this, but until yesterday I was getting conflicting reports as to whether recommissioning the engine as the larger model.

Yesterday I found this device on a post on this forum:

It looks like it might to exactly what I want....

I'm surprised though that it's the only device that claims to do this. Surely if it's a software fix, and the engine has been on the market 3 years or so already, it ought to be a standard upgrade.

Am I missing something? I don't want to buy the underpowered engine only to find that i can't upgrade it to at least the performance of the 272.

Thanks for any advice! I'm only just getting started with this game :).