My A6 Le Mans


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Oct 10, 2015
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Hi all,

had the A6 a month now and loving it, weather changed so started the cleaning process.

Clayed the passenger side, had lots of tar spots and general road dirt, could feel it quite a lot on the clay, then machine polished - results are excellent, really brings the sparkle out in the paintwork as well as removing any swirl marks.

Will get the rest of the car done soon, at the moment its war with the 2 fat pigeons that live in the tree in the front garden, the must have flown over my freshly cleaned car 20 times to dump what they did , came out this morning and the flew off after watching my reaction ha ha

few pics






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Some great pics there Stevo! Lovely looking car :)

Would the neighbours complain if you got a bird scarer :)

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i could hear them cooing this morning but not in our tree, i removed the nest on sunday to try shift them, hence why they crapped all over my car ha ha so fingers crossed x they've moved.

I fancy upgrading to 20" alloys, getting a remap / dpf / egr removed at some point
2.0 tdi, just on 45k mileage with full history with receipts
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remap should see a decent increase in poke!
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Speaking with the mapper he claims about an additional 50bhp with the egr and dpf removed, that'd take it to around 220bhp.

He said the tuning boxes flag up problems after a while so decided against that route.
Who you looking at for remaps? I guess a customer mapper is going to say tuning boxes cause problems lol
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Ade tuning in Blackburn, not used them before, had a couple of Imprezas mapped and used cams Subaru specialist to sort it, ade now does all their mapping so must be decent.
Can only go off what he says, reviews look ok
In other news looks like the pigeons have done one to the trees round the back of our house, they were on the back fence staring at me this morning ha ha
Revo worth checking out and superchips especially if you want the ability to take the time back off, had superchip on my old c6 v6, transformed the car
2.0 upgraded to 220bhp from original 170 sound a bit much. Found few companies online and done simulation on custom map, dpf delete and egr off and they say sensible would be 210max as for stage 1. That is a big increase.
As you have minor milage (congratulations on that by the way) you have plenty of clutch, I presume.
I got done 210 with personalised map and all and with 92k on the clock, clutch slips if I stand to race off the traffic lights. Normal drive and overtaking is perfect. Mist've adjusted now

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i'd be happy with 210bhp - my racing days are over (had 9 imprezas) so better overtaking etc on my commute to work would be nice and improved drivability.
clutch is fine.
How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking - mapper i spoke 2 said £600 for the remap - dpf delete and egr off. needs the car 2 days.
That's not a bad price I guess for all three; I didn't pay for me remap but it would have been around 450
I can't remember now but it was around £600-£650, I think?
Been quoted less but it was from the Unit 9 site sponsor and they are in far, far away land, from London.
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