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3.0tdi turbo actuator fault but no symptoms

WarrenA6 Feb 10, 2018

  1. WarrenA6

    WarrenA6 New Member

    Hay chaps.

    I have an engine management light on with fault code p0046 turbo charger boost control solenoid circuit A. There are no running or performance issues at All, just this fault. Any suggestions ?

    Thanks a lot


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  3. Gino GINELLI

    Gino GINELLI New Member

    Hi Warren

    I recently had an issue with my 2.0 TDI black edition 170. The glow plug light was continually flashing and the engine management light was a steady yellow.
    I didn’t have any drop in power or any other symptoms.

    Took it to a local garage where the diagnostic showed there was a slight issue with the actuator.

    Luckily I made an enquiry with a VW and Audi specialist who told me that the actuator was separate from the turbo on my year and engine. So only ended up costing me £300 instead of £1100.
    They told me that the vacuum or something similar had gone on the actuator.

    Definitely worth checking with a specialist in case your cars actuator is separate.

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