Trying to understand the `Adaptive Comfort Suspension`.


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Aug 17, 2016
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The options I have in the `Audi Drive Select` are `Efficiency`, Comfort`, `Auto` `Dynamic` and `Individual`.
Is it the 3 options under `Individual` that I have paid extra for?
The options I have in the `Audi Drive Select` are `Efficiency`, Comfort`, `Auto` `Dynamic` and `Individual`.
Is it the 3 options under `Individual` that I have paid extra for?

Assuming it's the same as the S3

The three suspension modes are dynamic, comfort and auto.

Dynamic being the hardest setting, Comfort being softer and auto which adjusts while your driving somewhere between the two settings.

Individual allows you to pick an individual setup of each of the customisable systems.

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Thank you for that, `Brasso`.
I do understand what all the different option do, but what I'm trying to establish is this...
WITHOUT `Adaptive Suspension` you have `Efficiency`, `Comfort`, `Auto` and `Dynamic`
WITH `Adaptive Suspension` you have the above PLUS `Individual`.
Is that right?
Nope. All A4's have all of them drive select options.

With your adaptive I believe when you switch between the modes you get more of a change in the suspension than us with the regular sport suspension.
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Oh dear.
I was hoping that this thread would not only help me understand the system, but also whether or not I actually have it!
You see, I'm a fully paid up glass is always half `empty`.
It was part of the spec for my new car but bearing in mind what `phxViper` says above, is there any way I can tell for sure that it has been fitted?
Many thanks.
Kestrel, If you go into the appropriate menu for customising the indivdual setting you should have the choice of selecting the setting you want for each of the customisable systems (for example on my S3 I have Steering, Suspension, Gearbox etc. etc). Therefore you should have the option to select a suspension mode assuming as you say it is fitted.
Thank you for that `Brasso`.
Yes, I do have the option to set the suspension to either `Auto`, Comfort` or `Dynamic`.
Do you believe that that means I definitely have the `Comfort Adaptive Suspension` fitted?
Yes I'd say you've got adaptive suspension fitted.

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If it helps, my car definitely doesn't have adaptive suspension and consequently there are no options for suspension settings in the MMI.
If you have the adaptive sport suspension does this give you the option to switch between the stiffer suspension and the softer comfort suspension?