Audi B8 noise from front wheel at low speed

Nick Bulgi

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Aug 1, 2016
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Hi all,
I've got a strange noise coming from my front passenger wheel, a bit like wheel bearing noise, grinding noise. It comes on at around 30kmp and goes away when I speed up over 35km.
I dont think its wheel bearing as I have turned left and right to take the weight of the wheel but the noise does not change. Also theres no noise at higher speeds. I've rolled the car in neutral at 30kmp and noise is still there so I dont think is transmission related. I've also rotated the tyres and that made no diffrence.
Noise is there regardless if im accelerating, cruising at 30 or braking.
Any ideas what it could be? I doubt its the cv joint as there is no clicking just a rubbing/grinding noise.
Any help would be appreciated.