Introducing the Q7 Etron

I've been out in Germany earlier this year having a drive in this, it was compared to the Mercedes GLE 500e. On the day, both cars were fantastic - the Q7 felt better built, but the Mercedes was incredibly smooth/felt powerful. Not a huge fan of the interior trim on the new Merc's, but that's a personal opinion I suppose.

All in all though, a terrific car to drive. Something that became very apparent was how difficult it was to prevent the petrol engine kicking in on the Merc, whereas the Q7 seemed pretty happy running on electric most of the time, only kicking in the derv lump under heavyish acceleration.

We can't actually sell them through our branch, but I have no doubt it will be a huge success for anyone wanting low emissions in a big, comfy, capable package!

The only downside is, that unlike the regular Q7/SQ7 - this car only has 5 seats :( Family buyers beware!
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We parked next to one of these prior to crossing the Millau viaduct recently, impressive piece of kit, dwarfed our B9 Avant though !!!