Audi RS7 - living with it for a month


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Jun 25, 2013
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Just had the RS7 facelift for little over a month and thought i would share my thoughts.

I'm familiar with the car as my normal car is a BiTDI A6.

Just as well as the first thing you notice is that the rs7 is huge. Mine was almost brand new and an alloy was chipped. No wonder.

Despite it's size, it doesn't have the same presence on the road as an RS6. There is little to distinguish it from the standard car.

As for driving it, i would have to say that in every weather condition the car has to be one of the fastest cars on the road. Its simply brutal and effective all in one go.

I didnt notice understear although i didn't put my life in danger pushing the car. What you will notice is the weight. Everything is immediate, power, torque, gears, stearing, brakes, but the weight follows you and its something you battle constantly at most speeds.

There is no getting away from how accessible all the power is. It actually begins to stress you out as it is the only aspect of the car that is playful, matched perfectly with the gearbox. So as you play with the immediate and linear power, you reflect back on how much fun you've had and you actually come out thrilled, but in a horror movie kind of way. It distorts reality.

This had a sports exhaust and at first it makes you laugh how ridiculous it is but then you realise after 2 days you can't turn it off when the engine is in sports mode and its overly artificial.

The volume of brake dust is testament to how amazing the brakes are. Although no feel, they respond very well and seem to almost be intuitive. It is also testament to the weight it's stopping. The car had DRC and honestly i hated it. Accelerate too hard and the front of the boat, I mean car, lifts up. Brake hard, and the nose dips and all the contents (including people) take a nose dive. In the corners, its just ruthlessly effective, flat, stuck down and you will not find the limit before you under stear.

I will share more, and some pics too, but i'm happy to give it back to Audi. The average 15mpg over 850 miles and picking up a screw in the tyre (assuming it wasn't in when i got it) would wear on me more than the £93k price tag suggests.
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