cambelt b8 tdi


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Jun 6, 2015
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Hi this is my first post so please go easy on me
I've just purchased a 2008 tdi sline 143bhp (caga engine code)
i can't find any history on it ever having a cam belt so i'm going to replace these my self cambelt, water pump and tensioner etc
is there any special tools needed i have the cam/crank locking pins.
and how do i put the bumper into the service position ?
Bumper into service position??? What's that then?
ive no idea but it sound as if you undo the front bumper and pull it forward to gain room to work on the belts
bumper and front panel unbolt and lift forward to allow for cambelt and water pump change easier than doing belt on a3
any guides on how hollow or is it idiot proof ?
Your step by step guide

Just remember to slacken the nuts off on the camshaft pulley and make sure you turn the tensioner the right way ! because it will run fine but will start funny when you put fuel in ... I found this out the hard way :D .. if you need any help thou give me a shout and i will try my best .. also you need crank locking tool, fuel locking tool and cam tool ..
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thanks matt that guides the really good