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Jul 11, 2012
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Hi all
Has anyone had any reliable luck with the Audi Connect Google maps feature. I have had it for the past 4 years in our BMW X5 and it works superbly, we use it for every non-local trip, go to Google maps, find the location, drop a pin, right click and send to car. Jump in the car go to Nav and accept the destination, it takes you to the exact point the pin was located at on Google maps, great great system, really easy to use and works every time.
The Audi system should be just as easy, I have a MyAudi account, 4G sIm card in the car and Google live is my Satnav map of choice etc., this all works really well. I have linked the Audi account with my Google account but when I right click the pin as above and send to car, pick the Audi and nothing ever gets there. If I go into the MyAudi web page and do it there it sometimes gets to the car, when I add the address details to MyAudi site it always goes to the car but I might as well sit in the car and type the same info in.
Anyone suffering with the same issue. I have read a few items and mostly people say it’s a was t of time but I we have used it for the past 4 years on the X5 and one you use it you use it for every destination and it’s easier in Google to find you exact destination than anywhere else, my wife relies on it, it’s a must have for here but the Audi just isn’t cutting it.
If anyone can shed any light on the problem I'd appreciate it.
Cheers all

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