S3 8l dash issue.


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Nov 20, 2014
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Evening all, have owed my s3 a few weeks now and bought it thinking the pixel area on the dash was totally knackered! I had read other threads saying that the pixels go and just assumed that all the pixels on this were gone as it was showing a blank display. Anyway this evening I turn the old girl on and as if by magic I was greeted with a full pixel display. 2 mins drive and it went blank again. Do you guys reckon a loose or dry connection?!

Cheers in advance
Maybe it's the switch on the bottom of the right stalk it turns the DIS off or on. Maybe it's faulty not sure of any other reason.
Mine comes and goes, usually first 10-15 mins it works perfectly then it degrades and it looks like you're looking through Vaseline.

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