Rnse and ami retrofitting


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Sep 22, 2013
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Good afternoon everyone, well I have finally taken the plunge and bought myself a mk2 rnse P/N 8P0 035 193 G and also the ami unit P/N 8P0 057 785 i have also bought VCDS from Ross-Tech to programme it all to my 2009 audi a3 black edition, I have had a look through various threads but I am slightly confused on fitting the ami unit as a lot of people say they needed a 32 pin connector block? I was wondering as my car. Already has the pish iPod thing in the glove box would I need this connector block? Also does anyone have the coding on how to fit this to my car, at the moment I have concert double din, factory Bose, factory BT phone Bluetooth, aux in, iPod on the glovebox, multi functional steering wheel with SDS. I would like to retain all functions if possible

i am located in Glasgow so if anyone local is willing to help me I would happily return the favour,


Hi mate.
Yes, for fitting the ami you will need a new harness. The harness that you have only is usefull for cd changer and for ipod or usb preparation. For ami unit you will need this plug and play harness:
It has 4 connectors:

-AMI in
-Rns-e 32 pin in
- male and female big conectors (The big conectors are plug between the rns-e and the cable that goes to it)



Kabelsatz Audi Music Interface AMI - RNS-E Audi A3 8P-37575

And retrofitting and coding manual:
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Awsome well I have installed my rnse and ami! Now my aux in doesn't work at all? I need to wait till Wednesday once my vcds arrives and I can program it all but so far so good
Hi again.

For coding, pleople with ami unit, only add +1 (Ami) to the original code
I think that you need to code +6 to have full working (ami +aux)

- Go into Navigation (37)
- Coding (07)

0xxxx?x: Equipment I
+1 = Standard/Basic Value - Add to the Sum of Options below
+1 = Audi Music Interface (AMI/PR-UF7) installed
+2 = Satellite Radio (SIRIUS/XM) installed
+4 = Analog Input (AUX/PR-UF0/UF1/UF2) installed
Ok thank you, I will try it later, also one last question, do I need to code in Bose to the rnse? I've seen people having to move a wire? Do I need to do this with the 32 pin plug also?
Just out of interest, do you lose the cd changer if you install the AMI? I quite like having cd changer but would like a mk2 rnse with iPod connectivity!