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May 8, 2013
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Can someone update software for my a6 gearbox- gzw . Now it's 0080 but new software is 0110
I change oil and filter but need update software as still have problems going from 3-2 gear and 4-5
I think your only option would be to take it to the dealers, as you would would most likely need VAS to update the firmware.
As I was one point thinking of doing DIY ECM/TCM flash I found 2 diags tools which could perhaps do update, one was VAG CAN PRO another is Abrites AVDI.

There are also independent VAG specialists which have online VAS and are far cheaper than dealer, Link:- Diagnostic equipment of Audi VW Specialists Centre in London

Do you have TSB/TPI with SVM code? I may even have flash file from when I collected stuff for myself.
Wher to find TSB/TPI svm code?
It can be done with vag vas pc(Vag vas 5054)

my gearbox
A6 (C6)3.0 l TDI19.04GZW4F0910156H0080
4F02A007 / NA4F37AA01
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When your car is on a VAS machine with online connection user uses SVM code to gain SW update for car.

4F02A007 / NA4F37AA01 is the Software Version Management (SVM) code.

As you have code I think you have the TSB / TPI (Technical Service Bulletin / Technical Product Information)

In that document is also the part number for the VAS CD , 4E0.906.961 Q / 8E0.906.961 P

As to if dealer will sell you?

You can do offline VAS updates via VAS5054 from what I've read but not sure as never used one.

The indi garage I linked do have online VAS and can update car with SVM code, you may need to find one to ensure sucessful low cost solution to what you wanna do.

But be aware that the SW for TCM is for use with updated Audi genuine oil / ZF fluid as per instructions in TPI / TSB, you may wanna read some info I placed here Link:- Tiptronic Oil Change DIY Update
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