RS3 Summer meet........... July or August 2013

Which weekend is preferred......

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No way...... bet you're still picking ice cubes out the radiator. Cheers for posting:arco:
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Here's some footage of my car in action - before it was mine!
TG on ice: Subaru WRX & Audi RS3 - BBC Top Gear

I remember that article in the TG magazine, cool that you own that car. If you'd come to North Wales there was still plenty of snow about you could have recreated the moment! :)

Robbie, you'd better hire a snow machine for the next meet!
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OK boys you've had an outline regarding the summer meet........
Thanks to Mr Freeze and MBK the plot thickens, looking like it could be Mega.........
As per the 'First rule of RS3 club' you will be PM'd the information, still working on it
and won't be confirmed until 7 - 10 days time.

I will say this, turn up...... You owe it to yourself and you're car, we will be able to cater for
up to 25 - 30 RS3's this time round.

Don't forget you're sunblock as we're daaannnn saaafffttthhhh.......:laugh:

oh yeah, if you haven't posted a picture of you're motor give it a go please; gonna try and compile
attending car list including image of each one........ just a bit of fun......

Have a ggggrrrrrrreat weekend hee hee hee RS3 joke:blush:
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Nice write up for this next mystery meet would be very nice please Robbie. :) x
Oh great, Robbie is doing the write up for the next meet then! :yes:
I'm sure the meet will be another day to remember with :beerchug: :friends:& plenty of :racer:

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IMG000RS Not brilliant pic and its far from clean but until I get a better one
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