'04 A3 Set Up


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Feb 11, 2012
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Hi guys.

I'm thinking of upgrading the system in the A3 so just wondering what set up they run as standard? i.e. front speaker size, rear speaker size...also am I right in reading these already have a small sub/amp fitted? Does this amp run the rear speakers and sub?

Ideally I'll be fitting a new HU, front components with rear coax's both run off an amp and then a sub with separate amp in the rear...any comments on this set up or anything I'll need to be aware of?

Any advice appreciated.
Depends on whats fitted, bose etc, if bose then all speakers run from the amp back right quarter, with a sub on the left quarter.

Andymac does an aftermarket sub to fit in the same oem place.
Thanks for the reply.

It's all Bose at the moment but contemplating a complete overhaul. I'll look into Andys sub, thanks.
The fronts are 6.5" components with 1" tweeters and the rears 6.5" coaxials in the 3 door, (components in the sportback rear doors)
You'll need fitting adapters for all of them.
I do MDF ones (just search ebay for Audi MDF) or you can use the plastic ones from any web based outlet.

With the Bose system you really have to replace everything in one go, as the speakers are all low impedance 1.5ohm units and the Bose amp doesn't really like driving anything else.
You'll also need an antenna amp adapter, ISO or Fakra depending on whether you have a single DIN or Double DIN Audi HU. On an 04 it's probably ISO