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Sep 11, 2003
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Home Sweet Home
Does anyone know how well 18"x 9" wheels with an et45 will fit on an S3. Currently the car is standard 4x4 height and will be lowered on coils soon. Am keen to know about turning, rubbing and any possible issues.
Rich, the 9's may rub at the front. I just fitted some 19x8.5 et45 to mine and the front are close to flush. The rears are fine and I would say you would be ok with 9 at the back but 9 at the front may be close?
Have you found some RS's then?
I thought the rears would be ok, it's the 9" on the front that concern me. Will these rub on lock to lock?

Ians have et42 front and back with spacers, I know he has done some arch work to tuck them in the arch.
Yes 9s will fit up front with the right tyre. 19x9 ET42 here with 215s:


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Sorry brother, should have mentioned. That was when I was running KW V2s lowered -65mm all the way round. Just bolt on, drive, look good :laugh:

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