Problem with streaming music from a pc to a network player


Grumpy Old Man
May 26, 2003
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I've just bought and set up a Marantz NA7004 network audio player. After a little bit of faffing around, I managed to add it to my home network, so that it could "see" and play music files that I already had on my pc. I then ripped some new music to the pc using iTunes, but the Marantz doesn't see the new stuff, only what was already there when I set it up.

If I try to play the new stuff from the pc end, using Airplay, it's fine, but if I try to navigate to it from the Marantz's end, it just doesn't appear in the menus.

Anyone got any ideas, cos this is baffling me?
Hi Jeff, do u know if your Marantz has a build in media server such as Twonkymedia. I only ask as my Qnap NAS drive has Twonkymedia on it and at first when viewing the files on my WDTV live media player connecting to Twonkymedia server on NAS, it would not display the newly added files. This was because on the NAS, Twonkymedia had not refreshed the libraries hence new files were not there. When i went into the settings of Twonkymedia it was set to refresh every 10mins, however if you set the value to -1 it monitors changes to folders and adds them in real time. You properly have something similar on your media player.
Didn't manage to find Twonkymedia, but found Airplay instead. I'm using my iPhone to send music from the pc to the Marantz, and now everything is visible.