Puddle and Warning Light Fitting Guide

Nice one mate, if I had abit more electrical comprehension I would have a bash but I'm rubbish so don't fanny it /-) good guide though.
The part numbers are as follows:

White Puddle Lights - 8D0 947 415 - £8
Red Warning Lights - 6Y0 947 411 - £10
Very nice write up, thanks for making and sharing it.

could you replace the normal bulbs in the lights for LED's?
yes you can, several people on the A3 8P forum have done so.
Cracking guide and maybe something I shall save for a nice warm summer evening or even a slightly chilly spring afternoon... shame you are in Cheshire as I'd love a hand with this!
Great guide, thought I'd update the part numbers needed to complete the job:

4 x Puddle Lights: 8D0947415 - £5.72ea exc VAT
4 x Door Warning Light: 6Y0947411 - £6.80ea exc VAT
8 x Plastic Connector: 893971632 - £1.35ea exc VAT
8 x Repair Wire: 000979009 - £1.30ea exc VAT
8 x Repair Wire: 000979133 - £1.30ea exc VAT

I know it sounds a lot, £60 plus, but there is an easier way. It's hard to find newer cars in scrapyards but for this mod there is no need. The puddle/warning lights are the same on most AUdi's going back to early B5's. If you want an idea of savings I spent an hour with a screwdriver at U-Pull-It yesterday. I got all 8 lights, looms, connectors and wires (from a 1995 B5) for the pricely sum of £4!!! Got to be the cheapest mod yet, really can't recommend U-Pull-It enough.