what tyres for my Allroad 2.5 tdi


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Jan 17, 2011
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I'm looking to fit new tyres to my Allroad 2.5 tdi , do i have to fit goodyear allroad or pirelli allroad tyres also can i increase the load sizes from 97 to 101 ?

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I would love to know too. I assume your wheels are like mine and are 225/55R17. Seems that American posts on audi forums seem to have a much greater choice avaliable to them. I currently have pirelli allroads but they do seem to wear very fast & I was not that impressed in the snow/ice - but apparantly probablly better than the goodyear. Other than that I have only found the goodyear wrangler or normal road tyres from continental or the cheap budget ones. For how I use the car I need allround tyres (as do some offroading) & all season tyres and that seems to limit the coice to the pirelli or goodyear. If we could increase load then can get the extra load tyres and if the speed rating can be changed then there are some more "Knobbilly" tyres avaliable - but I think this upsets insurance companies!
was looking at these tyres on e-bay and thought they looked ok, 225/55 17 YOKOHAMA 101W 4X4 RF 2255517, the car has just Goodyear wranglers F1 but not the allroad ones they were ok in the snow but i have scrubed the edges of them
Anybody got any other ideas
I've had both the Goodyears and Pirellis.
IMPO the Pirellis are more durable than the Goodyears.
Better mud and snow as well.