1.9TDi True MPG?


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Hi Guys,

I have been told by my local Audi centre and from posts I have seen online I can expect to get 55-60MPG from a 1.9TDi 105hp 8P?
Just curious what people are truly getting out of these engines.

Still horrendous compared to what I am used to. Sadly on a moped restricted to 28mph at the moment, but.. I do return 146MPG on average per 5.5 litre tank.. best I've got is 148MPG. That's running on V-Power Nitro + :yahoo:
Can't ask for much better than 160 miles out of £7.


Matt :redrs4:


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I used to have a 2.0 tdi 8P and I used to get between 50 and 55 mph real world figures. Was amazing to be honest. That was mixed driving.
Much better than my current 3.0 tdi!!