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1.9tdi fuel pump

Steffgj Jan 15, 2019

  1. Steffgj

    Steffgj Member

    Car died and have found that there is no fuel getting to the filter.

    There is power getting to the lift pump in the tank so guessing that rules out the relay and means the pump itself is knackered?
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  3. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    Can you not hear the lift pump priming? VCDS can cycle the lift pump for 30 seconds a time to help prime the fuel system.

    But if you can't hear the pump, sounds likely its failed.

    The tandem pump will work fine without lift pump, if the system remains primed.
    My 1.9 tdi had a leak on the tandem pump, allowing the fuel to draw bank to the tank after a day or so, then it would crank a few times before starting. But after 4 days, it had completely drained back and that's how I found out my lift pump wasn't workin
  4. Steffgj

    Steffgj Member

    Well I’ve put another pump in that I got from a breakers and am sure I can here that lifting but still nothing at the filter.

    Now you mention it though, the filter etc will be dry and I probably haven’t turned the ignition on and off enough for it to prime itself. Remember changing the fuel filter once without prining the new filter and ran the battery flat trying to get it going again.

    Will prime the filter today and see if maybe this other pump does work after all, just didn’t give it a chance!

    Thanks Dan

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