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  • Hi mate, yeah thats no problem at all. where in mhead are you? i can meet you somewhere or i can come to you with my laptop and cable. its not the full version but it can still scan, you will need to decode the errors online though. text me on 07525 928 221 or give me a call.
    cheers, Gurindar.
    Hello mate, hows it going? I sent you a message a while ago regarding using your VAG-com software. Basically at the time the problem just went away. But as of yesterday, the 'Check Engine' light has come on and I dont know why. The car is driving fine, has all fluids and oil in, but ocasionally will idle rough at traffic lights. But that only happens like 1 in 10 times. Im just really curious to find out what the problem is. So do you think it would be at all possible to use your software? Im in Maidenhead, and I think you said you are too. So would it be ok to do that you think whenever you are free? Im around today after 1PM, but the soonest you are free would be great. Thanks
    Jordan M
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