1.8 Turbo project


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A friend and I are looking at doing our first track car and we like the idea of the A3 1.8 T quattro
Is this a good starting point ? Or are there better options out there. Our budget isn’t massive probably 800-1000 for a car to start with.
What things should we look out for when viewing these cars bearing in mind it’ll probably have 80,000 miles at least. I’m guessing the 4wd as my haldex Pump needed replacing on my S3 8p at 39k ! Also service history.
What’s the difference between the engine codes and does 1 favour the other and what turbos do they use and what performance potential do these cars have.

Thanks for any help guys

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I’d use a 1.8t non Quattro, the Quattro will have extra weight and that’s not what you want on a track car, but as mentioned read prawns thread his is a track car and seeing the videos he’s uploaded doesn’t struggle on the track with only fwd

If using a 1.8t which with your budget won’t be a s3 it uses ko3/ko3s turbo power wise depends on what you want to spend think prawns is at around 500bhp


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Quattro adds about 140Kg to the weight of the car. If you don't have more than 250bhp then most of the time you won't be traction limited. Most budget track cars suffer with brake issues unless you spend decent money on bigger brakes. That 140Kg less weight will give the brakes less to do, and the engine less weight to drag around. Prawns A3 is FWD and with a plate diff and BTCC slicks he has plenty of traction.
A lot more choice in cars as well when looking for second hand motors.