1. J

    Kerbed Wheel and Tyre

    Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong section etc but not sure where else to ask. Earlier today I accidentally kerbed my rear offside wheel but whilst doing that it also pinched the tyre and a small section has peeled off. If I take it to a tyre place they’ll tell me to replace it because they...
  2. J

    Continental AllSeasonContact tyres?

    I currently have Avon ZV7s on my Quattro Avant. I am considering going with the Contis next time. The Avons are very good but the idea of all weather tyres apeals to me. Especially as I live halfway down a muddy old hill - its all muddy around my part of Somerset actually :/ And if it snows I...
  3. Stearless

    Alloy wheels and winter tyres question

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, I have a question about my A3 Sportback 2009 I'm currently on 17" alloys and I'm wondering if I should go to 16" for winter tyres or just get them for the same 17" tyres? If going to 16" I'm not sure if only the 5x112 size is important? How important is ET...
  4. B

    Tyre pressure - 245/40/18 97 Y XL M+S

    Hi guys, I have bought 4 Michelin Cross Climate + to try and avoid the need to swap between summer and winter tyres (I drive a lot in Europe in winter) and I am struggling to find the correct tyre pressure for this combination. My door sticker does not have this size and load for all weather...
  5. Dean Shirt

    Different tyre sizes front & rear

    Hi, first of all this is my first post as I have recently purchased a 2017 A4 avant S line tdi 190 (stronic)and I love it. However I have a query...... yesterday whilst cleaning my wheels I noticed that my rear tyres are a different size to my front. Rear 245/40/18 Front 245/45/18 is this meant...
  6. S

    AUDI A4 AVANT 2019 (B9) spare tyre question

    Hi all, I’m new to the forum. I would appreciate your help. I’ve just bought an A4 Avant 40TFSI. It’s a 2019 model, bought used from the local Audi dealer. As most of you know, newer Audis don’t come with a spare wheel (not even a space saver one). The only thing supplied is an inflatable kit...
  7. Matthew Swift

    2019 Audi S3 (8V) Space Saver Wheel??

    I have recently got myself a couple of months ago a nice and neat Audi S3 - she's a beaut. When I got her she didnt come with a spare tire but came with the special tire filler for if you ever got a puncture. Now I may only be 27 but the S3 is my first car, but have been driving for the past 10...
  8. DorsetDave

    Hankook 255/35/19 S5 - Potential Fault with inside rim

    Hi all, First post as today I replaced both original front tyres on my S5 after a slow puncture. When the near side was taken off the rim, the tyre had a bulge of detached rubber where it met the inside rim. Hankook want it back as possibly a fault. Replacing the pair (as you do) the offside...
  9. Alec97

    Winter/ Snow Tyres for S3 8v Fl

    Can anyone reccomend from experience a set of winter tyres for my S3 8v Fl ? I mean it was pretty decent with last years snow on PS4's !! I just want to put the icing on the cake this time round. Wheels are 225/40 R18 Nice one ! Al
  10. Lauster23

    A3 Saloon tyre choice help

    Hi all, with so many tyre choices out there, need a few recommendations on tyre choices please? Looking for a reasonable priced tyre that’ll do a good job on all weather conditions. I own an A3 saloon tfsi 65 plate. Currently still have the original tyres on which are Dunlop 225 40r18 I done...
  11. kieran-S3


    Due for some new tyres on my S3 looking at the Michelin PS4 as an all year tyre? can anyone recommend anything else? thanks
  12. S

    Tyre Pressure Suggestions

    Can anyone suggest some tyre pressures for me. I'm running 255/35/19 on a 2009 2.0tfsi quattro with the sports suspension. I've got them quite high at the moment for economy but am noticing the front tyres scrubbing at low speeds so wondered if anyone has experience with tyre pressures and cam...
  13. Chris E

    Pothole and blown tyre!

    Question for anyone that can help, just hit a pothole and have ruptured the sidewall of the front left. Had around 5-6mm left on the tyre. Now, do i need to replace both front tyres at the same time or can i get away with just the one as the front right has decent amount of tread left...
  14. KrisKrk

    Tyre profile

    I know I should as tyre people probably but maybe somebody here done this. I've got some back problems and Sline seats or suspension does not help much but wondered if upgrading the tyre profile. I have now 35 to 40 will change anything, add at least more a bit of more comfort? Don't want to...
  15. U_Pharm1

    Audi A1 Tyre Pressures

    Hi guys, just a quick question. My passenger rear tyre on my Audi A1 sportback 13 plate has gone flat. Anyone know what the tyre pressure is ? checked the door and just found this (see attached) dont understand what the 2 and 4 people signify and why there are 2 different sets of tyre...
  16. DieselJake

    2 Good Tyres or 4 Average Tyres

    The slip in my wheels is getting a little unbearable (noticed yesterday it's got three miss matched budgets and one Michelin which is low on tread! Shocking!). The wheel's are 19's (235/35/19) so with the nightmare cost I don't want to go wrong with the purchase. Should I pick up: 2x...
  17. Ramayya

    If you had to run one tyre throughout the year which would it be..

    Hello people, As per the title, what tyre would you run?
  18. jonisginger

    4 new tyres = - 15% economy?

    Hi All, This looked like the best place to put this: looking for either advice or to put mind at rest. Replaced the standard Continental Contact Sport's the other day with 4x Goodyear Eagle F1s. They are 235/35/19s. The Continentals had about 2-3mm tread all round and it's getting cold and...