intake system

  1. Daniel James

    Found WANTED !! Racingline R600 or other closed intake (no RAMAIR)

    Hi all, looking for a used Racingline R600 or other closed intakes (what would you recommend) to fit my 2014 S3 have a budget of around £250, will also arrange for a courier to collect from you (will juts need boxing) If anyone is putting their S3 back to standard happy to supply standard...
  2. Tristan

    For Sale Rs3 8v DAZA Facelift Eventuri stage 3 intake and 4" turbo elbow inlet for sale

    Hi guys for sale I have an eventuri stage 3 intake. It's a monster of an intake and is a must in terms of optimising air flow at stage 2 or even better with stage 3. As well as the performance side of things, the sound of the turbo spooling and the waste gate fluttering is also enhanced in...
  3. ohmyaudi

    Revs holding longer than usual

    Okay so I recently installed a new induction kit and now I've noticed when I lift off the revs are holding and dropping off a lot slower than they used to. And a few instances the revs seem to increase momentarily. Anyone encountered this before? I also have a custom stage 1 map that was done...