1. A

    Sportback Reyland brake upgrade (front & rear), size advice

    Hi all Finally getting around to upgrading the discs and would like some advice on potentially going for the big brake kit. My initial thoughts were to replace front and rear with just OEM sizes (370mm and 310mm). I'm sure this would still be marked difference over the stock discs, however...
  2. Pastascales

    For Sale Brand new genuine cheap front discs

    4m0615301as discs for A4 upwards. Looking for a quick sale. Bought for a car I no longer have Offers welcome
  3. George Abouzolof

    S3 8P Brake Discs & Pads Options

    Alright guys, I know there are a lot of forums on this topic already but I cant ever find a definitive answer on this question. Im getting the front discs and pads changed on my S3 8P and I have the following options on ECP. Which manufacturer do you recommend or combination of manufacturers?
  4. George Abouzolof

    Audi S3 8P Discs & Pads

    Alright guys, Just a quick question. Im looking at getting new front pads and discs for my S3 8P and have been looking on eurocarparts for a while now. Would it be possible for example to get ATE front discs and mix them with Brembo front pads? Or do the pads and discs need to be from the...
  5. George Abouzolof

    OE Numbers

    Hi guys, Where can I find the OE numbers for my brake pads/discs. I have found the sticker on the service book in the car but that doesn't help. Any suggestions? Im looking to get new pads/discs on euro parts but they don't specify the codes. Any help? Cheers
  6. JamesW1994

    Break Wear Warning Query

    Hi Folks, I have a set lovely Brembo UV coated discs and sport pads on the way for my S3 8P facelift 2010 model. Now I am pretty sure the cars current pads have wear sensors on them, these new Brembo pads (from the images on the website) don’t look like they come with them. They are correct...
  7. Rayner_1704

    cracked discs help

    Has anyone experienced the front disks cracking where they are drilled before? It has them full way round the disk See pic
  8. S Fraz

    Advice needed On Audi A5 Brake Discs. Corrosion

    Just looking for some other Audi owner advice about my recent purchase. It has been sat in a carpsrk for a long time so corrosion is to be expected but I thought it was a little excessive. Just wondering if you guys think it needs some serious attention of whether a good wire brushing would fix...
  9. T

    A6 Avant 313 Discs & Pads

    My 2013 Audi A6 Avant 3ltr BiTurbo (313) is due for new discs and pads. Are people simply recommending OEM or going for Brembo? I'm not a racer so not looking for silly, but just the best brakes for sensible money now that a replacement is nearly due.
  10. V6_Man

    Front ARB Droplinks, Rear Springs and Brakes (discs and pads)

    Car - B7 2.0 Tdi, Sline 140hp CVT Multitronic Right folks, finally changed the DMF on the car, which was causing all the engine rattle at the hot start-up. It is unbelievable how smooth and quite the start-up actually is - feels like a new car now. The start-up problem was reported in this...
  11. D

    Brake set, purely for vanity

    Hi All, MOT has pointed out that my pads need replacing soon and potentially discs not too far after that (although would need a better check for that as MOT doesnt take the wheel off). I've been thinking about getting a cosmetic upgrade to the brakes just for vanity really, The discs get...
  12. Kieron Revagliatte

    RS3 8V brakes onto S3 8P HELP :(

    Hi Guys, Its time to replace my front discs and pads, how easy is it to put the RS3 8V Wavy discs onto the S3 8P?? Has it done before? If so can you point me in the right direction??
  13. Kieron Revagliatte

    New Brakes HELP

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been brought up recently or if there is a thread then please direct me to it! EBC Disks and Pads can anyone recommend or not recommend???? at £198 for rear discs and pads they seem too good to be true...
  14. Kalashnikov

    Heavy Rust on rear discs

    http://www.whatcar.com/news/audi-a3-sportback-rusting-wheel-problem/&ved=0ahUKEwi1zc_U06fQAhWpIMAKHbVYCUk4FBAWCD0wCA&usg=AFQjCNEihF_RRTPD0cPsU3mLwY5_Y1n3Qg I have this issue, thou I am out of warranty. Shame. Anyone else ?
  15. AudiTurbo8

    HELP!! A3 Brakes Spongy After New Pads, Discs & Multiple Bleeds

    Hi All, Sorry in advance to post this, i know multiple threads exist on this but i can't get an answer unique to my situation. I have a 61 plate 1.8TFSI A3 black edition manual 6 speed with 49k on the clock. I put new Brembo solid discs and pads on my car a couple of weeks ago, then bled them...
  16. Cheeks

    Brake disc size

    Can't seem to get a definite answer for this one unfortunately! I have a 1.6 A3 sport 2003 I've just bought some discs and pads all round, rear ones are fine but after looking online I've found that fronts come in different sizes for the A3... I bought 280mm but there's also a 256 one. Couple...