1. L

    s3 style Diffuser

    Hi all, after scrolling through countless fb marketplace ads, google, ebay, gumtree etc. and ordering the wrong diffuser, I’m now trying to seek help here. I have an A3 2013 SE and I’ve installed a new exhaust with twin exits (one on each side). I’ve been told that an S3 diffuser will fit but...
  2. 6

    Q7 Rear light issue

    Please help point me in the right direction! Q7 2007 rear light issues (multiple) Number plate - The lamp on the left (looking at the rear of the car) is lit, but the number plate lamp on the Right it out. I have replaced the bulb, but still does not work. Bulb tested for continuity and...
  3. P

    Rear s3 bumper trim patt number

    Hi all Just a new owner of a 8v a3 sportback , searching for parts:) Looked at many rear bumpers, especially s3 ones, little more beautiful than the sline, almost all of them have their alu trim that goes from edge to edge damaged, is there any part number for this to ask at the dealer for a new...
  4. E

    2006 A3 Front bumper replacement.

    Hey guys, so im pretty new to the car scene so i dont know much about the mods or anything like that just yet. i just bought my first car its a 2006 A3 and i want to change the front bumper, ive seen on a load of other threads people talking about swapping it to an sline or other versions of...
  5. S

    Audi A3 8p S-line Rear Bumper Diffuser Trim Single Pipe needed, as mine fell off !!

    Well strangely mine has fallen off, don't know when or how. Only found out when someone at work pointed it out, thought they were joking at first. Seen a few on ebay but want to make sure i'm getting the right one, or know of a good seller. Do they just clip back on ?
  6. Christian Espinosa

    Does 5 Door S3 8v Diffuser fits 3 Door?

    Im Currently on search for some carbon fiber diff for my S3 hatchback, I have only found Sportback options on AliExpress, Is it going to fit mine?
  7. D

    Help Please | A4 Avant S-Line Black Edition | Where to start with finding a new front bumper?!

    Hi all, Hoping I can get some help with finding a new bumper for my A4. Someone scraped me in a car park and my front bumper is now cracked beyond repair :( I'm not really sure where to look. I've done some googling and had a browse on eBay but can't seem to find anything for a black edition...
  8. K

    does a3 non sline share same bumper as sline?

    Currently looking for a decent splitter for my 2013 non sline a3 but all i’m finding are sline splitters. As the title says, is there a difference between the sline bumper and standard bumper? would I be okay buying an sline splitter for it?
  9. N

    New to the club! Got some questions!

    Hey guys, My name is Nelly!*Glad to be a part of the community! I just got a 2011 A1 and looking to do some modding to it. My first mod is wanting to change it to quad exhaust like the S1. I know I have to change the diffuser as well, but my question is do I have to change the bumper too? Or...
  10. S

    2004 S4 B6 Cabrio bumper help

    Hi all, I need a new front bumper for my car and thought I had found it with the DIEDERICHS part number 1017150 (given as combatible on parts sites in the UK) but as out out of stock everywhere I contacted Diederich to see if they could help and they responded that it didn't actually fit the...
  11. D

    Another RS Grille Question/Query

    Hi everyone, I’ve recently purchased a facelift S-Line C7 Avant, and was looking to eventually swap the front bumper for an RS6 bumper, I think they’re a lot more “aggressive” and I absolutely love the look of them. However, the Xenonz RS6 bumper is currently out of stock, and so, in the mean...
  12. C

    S4 Ventilation Grille

    Hi, Wondered if anyone knew where I could buy a replacement ‘standard’ ventilation grille for my s4? It’s a black edition on the passenger side. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Badger-a-s

    Front Bumper Removal - What is this???!?!?

    Hi, I'm trying to take the front bumper off my 2011 A3 8P Sportback and I've read all the different instruction threads saying remove all the Torx screws and the 2x 10mm bolts that are accessed by peeling the wheel arch lining back. I have 2 more fixings which are not mentioned in any thread...
  14. A

    B7 Wanted - Cabriolet Rear Bumper

    Seems these are like hens teeth having spent a few hours searching the usual places.... I managed to crack and snap a corner off reversing into my garage! Any sellers out there? Anyone know of a cabriolet that's being broken? Any help appreciated!
  15. ConorA3

    Rear bumper removal

    Hi guys, I'm wanting to change the lower part of the bumper to this defuser sort. Do I have to take the whole bumper off the car or can I just remove the bottom part alone. Thanks, Conor
  16. Craiggallan

    Honeycomb Grill Swap for S3 8V (2015 with Parking sensors and ACC)

    Hi All, First time posting on this. I am looking at swapping the standard S3 grill on my car to the RS3 honeycomb... however I cant seem to find any that have the holes for the Parking Sensors, or the slot for the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Preferably I would like to have the Black...
  17. A

    Front bumper parking senors

    Hi guys, My 2015 s3 saloon had a front end bump, so i bought a used front bumper off ebay. However like an idiot i did not reaslise the bumper does not have the cut outs for pdc and my car is equipped with front and rear pdc. Question is, is it just a matter of cutting out holes or do the...
  18. Richard Rushen

    Aluminum bumper trim

    Hello, I've had a look but I was unable to find the info that I need. When I ordered my car I didn't option the front and back aluminum bumper inserts as I wasn't sure on the back and also the price £800....really Audi? I've now had my car for 3 months and regret not being ripped off by Audi...
  19. L

    Audi A3 s line bumper problems

    i recently purchased and Audi A3 06 sline which needed a bit of front end work doing, have sorted out the internal work but coming to the bumper I purchased a rs3 03 on had it sprayed and got it fitted with the slam panel that came with it but the lights I currently had didn’t fit that slam...
  20. D

    Cutting holes in bumper for headlight washers

    Hello I after a small accident, I've managed to source a new front bumper for my A6 Avant. Only problem is that my A6 has headlight washers, but the new bumper does not have the cut outs for it. Is it possible to cut the holes myself? And is there a template? Or will I have to get a new bumper...