brake fault

  1. S Fraz

    Advice needed On Audi A5 Brake Discs. Corrosion

    Just looking for some other Audi owner advice about my recent purchase. It has been sat in a carpsrk for a long time so corrosion is to be expected but I thought it was a little excessive. Just wondering if you guys think it needs some serious attention of whether a good wire brushing would fix...
  2. Billy0123

    ESP & ABS lights illuminated and handbrake light flashing.. “Brake Fault”

    Hi all, Was looking for any sort of advice or direction. So, as described in the title, they’re the symptoms. Performance wise, it’s still running absolutely fine. I’ve not felt a change in power or the brakes. I took it to an auto-electrician for a scan, and it shown: “16352 - Control...