1. A

    Sound system upgrade including B&O sub aftermarket amp and Focal speakers

    Hi folks, I'm most of the way through upgrading the infotainment system in my 64 plate sline convertible. So far: MiB 2 and screen upgrade by Audi Retrofits to give Android Auto etc Existing 8 speakers replaced with Focal PS 165s components Vibe powerbox 65.4 amp driven via high level speaker...
  2. George Abouzolof

    S3 8P Sub & Amp

    Alright chaps, Having issues with my sub, took it to an independent garage and they said it was faulty. Ordered in a used part only to find out that it was also faulty. From reading some threads on here I can see that it may be an amp issue as it sounds a little crackly. I’m convinced the...
  3. W

    audi a5 , both door speakers not working bang olufsen??

    2009 A5 3.0 quattro: all my other speakers work perfectly. all of a sudden the 2 door ones have stopped , quite annoying as they provide the brunt of the volume, do you think both blew? or could it be an amp issue. seems quite strange to both stop working simultaneously. any advice help will...
  4. Mohammed Umar

    External Amp Instillation on Audi MMI

    Has anyone fitted an external amp for a sub on the Audi MMI stereo? How to get the best sound quality? Via a high to low or is it worth spending money on the advanced high to low's if so recommendations please? Where is best place to get feed from on the MMI? Front or rear speakers? or is...