ambient lighting

  1. Hash

    A3 8Y Edition 1 (lighting,

    Hi guys I’m new here, I’ve recently got a a3 8y edition 1 well it’s been couple month now but just discovered this website ☺️ Anyone know if the ambient lighting can be turned on during as mine only come on in evening? Also Has anyone had luck with coding as I’m wanting lock the car whilst...
  2. ZeA38VSport

    Door Ambient Lights A3 8V Sportback

    Hi I am wondering if anyone is able to help. I have bought a RGB light kit off AliExpress, that has a controller module with some lights and some subcontroller modules (over Bluetooth) for door pocket/handle lights. I have managed to wire/code both door ambient light and door handle light and...
  3. C

    Ambient lighting

    Hello all I was wondering if someone can give me advice on ambient lighting in my PreFL that didn’t come with it from the factory, I would like to install it but is it possible to install it with full OEM stuff and change colour aswell as all I’ve found have 1 colour
  4. Dansheff

    Ambient lighting terminals

    Hi I'm not sure if this has been posted. I'm wondering where I would put the wiring for some ambient lighting in my audi a3 2013 8v I don't want to put it to the cigarette lighter wiring as I want to enable it to be used via the mmi the other option is connect with footwell lighting but if...
  5. Q

    Upgrading a premium to a prestige

    I just bought my first Audi! I have a 2019 Audi A4 premium convenient package. I wanted to install ambient lights into the car since I keep seeing all these ads for it but I don't want wires all over the car leading up to the 12v port. While looking for solutions I came across a video that...
  6. G

    Need help coding Ambient Light

    Hello I have retrofitted handle door light / B&O speaker grill led in front doors. Handle doors works but they are always on....should not, only with light on B&O speaker grill led not working with light on, in teste mode (odis) it works, so it must be a coding problem somewhere between module...
  7. SajH

    Q5 Extended Lighting Retrofit - advice needed

    Hi all, Have been browsing the forum for a few months now since picking up my Q5 (FY Sept 2017) Decided to join as I need some advice and keen to understand what everyone else is upto with their cars. So anyway.... there are a few things I’m hoping to do with my Q5 one of which is retrofitting...
  8. S

    EL lights from EBay for interior mood lighting

    HeY guys new here and couldn't find anything related in the search I am looking to create a better environment in my 2015 A3 saloon by adding some interior mood lighting I have come across "EL wires" from EBay selling cheap and seem to be easy to install requires just shoving it into the...