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    BOSE 6-CD Changer

    Mine plays copied CD's?
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    Would you swap this 172 for this A3..?

    tbh I wouldnt, save up a bit of cash and get something better ( lower mileage etc) I was the one who emailed you before about my S3! Thorny
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    Any one around Exeter/Devon area able to clear my codes for me please?!

    My car is at Volkscraft at the moment, alphinbrook road, Marsh Barton. Im sure he would do it for you!
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    Any one in Devon/Mobile for detailing ?

    Im in Swindon or Plymouth depending if I am working or not!
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    Any one in Devon/Mobile for detailing ?

    Yeah I need mine done aswell if you find anybody!
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    Time to sell up I think...

    Its time for me to get on the property ladder so I think Im gonna have to get rid of the Audi if im gonna have enough for my deposit! :crying: Take a look, gimme an email or ring if your interested! Cheers, Alex :blackrs4:
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    still looking for a Black S3 guys

    You have PM mate :)
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    Hi there members in Southwest region

    Im work in Lyneham near Swindon and visit home which is Plymouth every so often, so im always around somewhere! I would be up for some kind of meet! Cheers Alex
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    Peugeot 106 Gti

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    Peugeot 106 Gti

    Heres my old one, I thought it was alright! I was 18 at the time! :racer:
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    300 bhp?

    Right, how easy is it to get 300bhp from an S3? I have had it remapped by revo but other than that it is standard. Exhaust? Induction? what else? Many thanks Alex
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    New S3 owner

    Anyone from the bristol or plymouth area?
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    New S3 owner

    Thanks, ill get some pics up soon!