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    Something leaking?

    Just glanced over this thread. If you have tyre shine on the tyres it can cause the splash effect your witnessing and the brake dust adheres to it as well.
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    Do people notice your RS3?

    My colour of Porsche Riviera Blue makes it stand out a little to much. Every boy racer from a Fiesta 1.1 up to more distinguished cars such as Aston Martins and Porsches just want to race you at every opportune moment lol. I never tire of the looks though TBH and such a rare colour and spec will...
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    Electrical fault

    That's great. Thanks for the info
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    BBS alloys

    Anyone looking to sell any BBS alloys for the RS3 ET49 offset pm me with pics and condition please. Ideally looking for silver speedlines or CKs or RCs
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    Wanted Authentic BBS alloys for PFL RS3 8V ET49 5X112

    Searching for a straight damage free set of speedlines, or other 2 piece wheel in ET49 5x112 for RS3 PFL
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    Audi Connect - Not recognising Sim

    It should auto detect the sim as well so check orientation of the chip
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    Audi Connect - Not recognising Sim

    I've just set mine up using an EE sim. Had issuesxand it was down to the sim Ring EE and ask them to register the sim and low and behold it'll work fine :-)
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    Alloy offset question

    Hi I've found some alloys I like but they are an ET42 offset. The std rotors fitted are ET49 Anyone running this offset and know if these will fir and clear the calipers with no running issues or spacer requirement?
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    Electrical fault

    Can anyone shed any light on this fault. Nothing showing on my basic obd2 reader. I had auto hill hold reryofotted in Jan so wonder if it's related due to wiring into the abs module control. As I assume when it mentions parking brake its related to the auto parking brake? Trizngle warning...
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    For Sale New Aero wipers for MK4 aero arms

    Wipers to fit these arms
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    My babys up for sale

    Lol upgrade I've been running my S3 and RS3 side by side since October
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    For Sale New Aero wipers for MK4 aero arms

    Brand new Bosch aero wipers set for Golf mk4 aero arms. Typical conversion carried out on an S3 8L Bought for £26 asking £10 with £4.29 tracked postage at buyers expense Payment via bank tx or PayPal pay a friend as well known member with sale history PM if interested